Gain access to a world of exclusive financial services and lifestyle solutions with FCMB Premium Banking.

Gain access to a world of exclusive financial services and lifestyle solutions with FCMB Premium Banking.

Exclusive benefits with FCMB Premium Banking

estate planning
Estate Planning

Life often comes with surprises and protecting the interests and welfare of our loved ones should be of paramount importance. Estate Planning is a way to make this happen, and writing a will is one of the key tools to help you plan your estate. When you have a will and trust in place, you are ensuring: -Financial security for your loved ones without exploitation -Seamless transfer on an inheritance without family disput

Do you have a will? Is your will updated? Have you set up a trust?

FCMB Premium Banking cares about you and your legacy.

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • Our Estate Planning advisory team
  • Free virtual consultation and professional guidance to help you write a will
  • An efficient process handled by certified professionals, and at affordable prices
  • An opportunity to have a trust executed for a variety of purposes
  • General estate management

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Wealth And Investment Solutions
Automate your Savings and Investment Plan

Whether it is saving money, improving your financial life or building wealth, it all starts with setting a goal and making a plan to reach it. What is your goal(s)? To set up an emergency cash fund? Get out of debt? Make a down payment on a car or home appliance? Stock away money for college or retirement?

Whatever you are saving towards, our digital saving platforms and our savings and investment calculator, will help you work out how much and how often you need to save to hit your target.

Investment at the push of a button

Welcome to our world of simple and convenient investment products. We applaud your journey to becoming financially independent. We at FCMB Premium banking can expedite this. No matter your investment objectives, our extensive wealth management digital solution and highly skilled portfolio managers are on hand to provide couture portfolio management and financial advisory services to help you reach your desired financial goals. Our investment product offering can be accessed on the FCMB APP at the push of a button, and includes mutual funds, which are available in both local currency and foreign currency. They provide investors an efficient way to save, diversify into US Dollar, and potentially earn higher returns. Our mutual funds include:

  • Legacy Debt Fund (LDF) - LDF is a publicly registered, Nigerian Naira denominated Collective Investment Scheme, that invests in Money Market Instruments and short maturity bonds on behalf of unit holders. TheFund, which seeks to preserve capital and generate stable income, over the medium-term, is rated A+ (f) by Agusto & Co.
  • Legacy Equity Fund (LEF) – LEF is a publicly registered, Nigerian Naira denominated Collective Investment Scheme, that invests primarily in stocks listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The Fund seeks to achieve capital appreciation and generate stable income over the medium-to-long term.
  • Legacy USD Bond Fund (LUBF) - LUBF is a publicly registered, US Dollar denominated Collective Investment Scheme, that invests in credit-rated US Dollar denominated fixed income securities (Eurobonds) issued by the Nigerian Government, Supranational bodies and Corporate entities. The Fund seeks to generate stable income over the long-term. The Fund is structured as a high-yield mutual fund.
  • Investment returns of up to 8% on local currency and 5% on foreign currency.
  • Cashback credit on your investment at 1.4% monthly repayment.
  • Booking and managing your investments on FCMB New Mobile.

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Education Advisory Services

FCMB through its collaboration with leading education consultants offers a full range of financial and education advice to help students in their preparations to study abroad. Our education advisory service will assist you with the following:

  • Plan, Consult and meet with our educational expert/consultant
  • Assistance with school admission and visa processing
  • Convenient school fees remittance and payment
  • Facilitate school living allowance process
  • Enjoy discounted student travel fares
  • International medical cover up to $60,000.
  • Education Investment Plan (EIP) – A convenient way to save for your child(ren)’s education. Click here here to learn more.

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Travel Benefits

To travel is to live. At FCMB premium banking, we are committed to making your travel and dream- holiday aspirations a reality. We have partnered with major airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Etihad, Lufthansa, to name a few, to offer you a discount of up to 25% on your travel fare. This also comes with varied travel benefits like

  • Discounted travel Insurance
  • Overseas card usage on your Naira and domiciliary debit card.
  • Facilitated access to travel packages
  • $4,000/$5,000 PTA/BTA availed quarterly hassle free
  • Priority pass granting you access to VIP lounges around the world regardless of class of travel

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Premium Health Plan

Another reason to open an account with us is our partnerships with leading health insurance providers like AVON,BUPA and HYGEIA to offer you and your family discounted health insurance and discounted recreational/health club benefits to meet your expectations.

Thinking of having a baby abroad which usually cost more than $10,000 ? Or are your aged parents/dependent relatives in need of unique hospice care? Under our collaborative premium health plan , which are based on standardised managed healthcare concepts, you can access world- class health care worldwide . The good news is that the health insurance can be used at hospitals both home and abroad and can be purchased for self or a loved one.

Premium Plan (AVON HMO)
  • Affordable Premium plan per person
  • Hospitals in Nigeria
  • Open to premium customers that want to buy for family/relatives
Premium Plus (BUPA)
  • Valued at $2,800 (Two Thousand and Eight Hundred Dollars) per person a year
  • Hospitals in US, UK, India and Nigeria
  • Specialist consultations.
  • Open to premium customers that want to buy for family/relatives

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Priority Pass

Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent VIP airport lounge access program. Membership offers great value for money and allows you to use any of 850+ airport lounges whenever you travel. Irrespective of class of flight you travel, the below are available to you;

  • Over 1000 Airport VIP lounge in 600 cities
  • You can take a guest into a lounge with you
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks
  • Showers, beds and more
  • Internet Access and Conference spaces for business meetings
  • Entertainment facilities and Complimentary newspapers/magazines

Visits cost $27 per person for Platinum card and $35 for Gold card holders. Existing Gold/Platinum card holders pay to get the priority pass. There is also an annual fee of $17.

Premium Banking Lounges

  • Lagos
    Plot 719, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

  • Port Harcourt
    Plot 466/467, Trans Amadi, Industrial Layout, Rivers State

  • Abuja
    Plot 108, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja