#FlexxYourCreativity 2.0

Stage One (Entry submission)

This will last from July 17th – August 17th . Contestants will be required to upload one picture of the accessory, hair or makeup they created, and invite members of the public to vote. The 20 entries with the most votes will move to Stage 2.

Stage Two (Finals)

Winners from Stage 1 will be required to submit another piece, which will be open to public voting for 2 days. The 10 entries with the most votes will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges who will select the top 3 winners.

Dare2Dream Masterclass

Dare2Dream MasterClass Participation: The winner of #FlexxYourCreativity 2.0 will participate in one of the FCMB masterclass on the Season 4 of Dare2Dream reality show.

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